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BIG Update on our Journey with Ugandan Non-Profit SASCU!

Thank YOU! Many of you have directly donated goods, funds or prayed for SASCU in the past; we are so grateful to you!  And if you have made any purchase at The Good Earth in the past, you are a part of this journey.  If you have shared one of our social media posts or… Read more »

How to Effectively Use Dormant Oil

What is dormant oil? Dormant oil refers more to when the oil has traditionally been applied rather than what it is made of. Newer dormant oil formulations are typically refined from petroleum oil, such as mineral oil. Unlike home remedies, they also contain an emulsifier to help water mix with the oil, which will provide… Read more »

Landscape Lighting Tips

Email The Good Earth Landscape Team for more information or to set up a consultation for this special!  Then keep reading for landscape lighting tips, including how it can increase your home value, add safety and more. First of all, what is quality landscape lighting and how does it differ from the lights at box… Read more »

The Good Earth & SASCU – 2018 Update & 2019 Goals

2019 Update Our Goals for This Year Fill a 40 foot shipping container with goods to help reach the below goals Build and furnish a boys’ dorm at the farm Build a kitchen at the farm Build a latrine at the farm Move orphans from inner city to Providence Farm Expand goat production How Do… Read more »


Screening Plants for Arkansas Landscapes

Do you live on a busy street or need to build in some privacy around your home? Then you may want to consider planting a living fence, or privacy fence. The benefits of a privacy screen include blocking strong winds, limiting street noise, and defining spaces in addition to masking unsightly views. Read on for… Read more »

Soil pH. Why does it matter?

Let’s just dive right in; soil pH should matter to all of us because it matters to plants.  Many plants, from trees to shrubs, from perennials to turfgrasses, have pH preferences so strong, they might as well be called requirements.  Ignoring plant needs such as soil pH could mean plant decline, all the way up… Read more »