Gift Ideas!

RUgandan Braceletsead on for some great gift ideas!

It’s Christmas time again!  And whether you need gift ideas for you, or someone you love, these will do the trick!

  • Outdoor fireplaces, and firepits- great for when you want to send the kids outside but can’t find the mits and hats.
  • Speaking of hats, protect your loved one from the sun with a fun hat!
  • Good Earth landscape consultations- a gentle way of suggesting that landscaping needs to move up on the honey-do list.
  • Fun garden tools- a sure way to motivate even the hesitant gardener.
  • The Good Earth now has amazing jewelry from Uganda, with 100% of proceeds returning to an Ugandan orphanage called Save the Street Children Uganda.  Check it out on our FB page under Photo Albums!
  • Membership to Garvan Gardens- a wonderful gateway to a weekend retreat!
  • Bionic gloves- because who doesn’t need to feel like the bionic woman or man sometimes?
  • Good Earth gift certificate- since you have this one thing you have been looking at for months and you can’t justify getting it for yourself but….