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BIG Update on our Journey with Ugandan Non-Profit SASCU!

Thank YOU! Many of you have directly donated goods, funds or prayed for SASCU in the past; we are so grateful to you!  And if you have made any purchase at The Good Earth in the past, you are a part of this journey.  If you have shared one of our social media posts or… Read more »

How to Effectively Use Dormant Oil

What is dormant oil? Dormant oil refers more to when the oil has traditionally been applied rather than what it is made of. Newer dormant oil formulations are typically refined from petroleum oil, such as mineral oil. Unlike home remedies, they also contain an emulsifier to help water mix with the oil, which will provide… Read more »

The Good Earth & SASCU – 2018 Update & 2019 Goals

2019 Update Our Goals for This Year Fill a 40 foot shipping container with goods to help reach the below goals Build and furnish a boys’ dorm at the farm Build a kitchen at the farm Build a latrine at the farm Move orphans from inner city to Providence Farm Expand goat production How Do… Read more »

Good Earth

Changing Things Up!

You might notice some pretty big changes on your next visit to The Good Earth; we thought you might like to know in advance where to find your favorite plants! First of all, Japanese Maples switched places with our Shade Lovin’ Shrubs.  We wanted to move all of our shrubs to one area to make… Read more »

Deter Deer from Your Landscape

Here in the Natural State, we enjoy wild beauty. In Good Earth’s home city of Little Rock, nature is never far from our doorstep—from native dogwoods to bubbling brooks to abundant wildlife, we’re surrounded by homegrown beauty. However, this closeness to nature also carries a threat to our gardens: deer! We get questions every week… Read more »

Pollinator Plants for Arkansas Gardens

Butterflies, birds, and bumblebees! These creatures bring an element of wonder to the flower garden and help pollinate our fruit and vegetable patches. With a little planning, you can invite pollinators into your garden and appreciate their beauty all season. In addition, creating a hospitable environment for pollinators in your backyard helps to support their… Read more »