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Seasonal Tips

Shade Loving Perennials for Arkansas Gardens

Imagine this…resting in a garden chair, sipping on something cold, in your retreat in the shade. What could possibly be missing? Lovely shade perennials to admire, of course! There are many choices to enhance your ice tea, cold beer, or nice chilled white wine experience. The two most important aspects are: 1. naturally, a bench… Read more »

Bill’s Tomato Basil Soup

For those of you who came to Bill’s recent Square Foot Gardening class here at Good Earth…here is his delicious Tomato Basil Soup recipe!  Enjoy! Bill’s Tomato Basil Soup The initial plan for your Square Foot Garden is very much like a recipe …. It’s your starting point, with experience you perfect it over time.… Read more »


How to grow Azaleas in Arkansas

Azaleas are one of our most loved southern landscape plants!  When properly planted and cared for, they provide both an excellent evergreen presence and eye-catching blooms.  A quick note; native azaleas are not evergreen but their stunning blooms more than make up for lack of winter leaves! Choosing an azalea  Native and old fashioned azaleas… Read more »

Arkansas Gardening Tips for Fall!

The power of pumpkins Not only do pumpkins and gourds offer fun colors and textures in fall decor displays, they are a “power food”, offering nutrients and antioxidants in abundance. Fairytale and Pie Pumpkins are some of the best for cooking. Always choose the freshest pumpkins available, decorate with them for the season, then pop… Read more »

Arkansas…Goodbye Summer, Hello Fall!

Yup, it’s finally that magical time of year, when pumpkins reign and jeans are back in circulation! It’s a magical time for plants too; they begin gradually going dormant for the winter season. Applying the proper fertilizer this fall will encourage root growth on both lawns and shrubs, giving them a strong base to thrive… Read more »