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Arkansas Gardening Calendar

Yup, we are hiring!

Job Title:  Garden Center Customer Service Job Location: Little Rock, Arkansas Date Opened: August 8, 2018 Job Type: Full-Time, Hourly Compensation:  Varies depending on education and experience. Vacation, health insurance, paid holidays, and 401K offered. Who we are:  The Good Earth Garden Center began in 1974 as a retail garden center and nursery.  Over the… Read more »

The Good Earth & SASCU 2018 Update

The Good Earth team is back from our third summer trip to Uganda and we are excited to share all that is happening with SASCU, which consists of the orphanage, Future Hope school and Providence Farm.  We continue to focus on ways to help SASCU become a more sustainable ministry through developing and growing Providence Farm.  We… Read more »

Rose Rosette Virus Identification and Control

  What is Rose Rosette Virus? One of our beloved landscape plants, the rose, has been increasingly affected by this virus, which is spread by wind transferred, tiny mites.  Symptoms include thickened stem growth, excessive thorns, witches’ broom growth at end of stems, branch dieback, discolored and distorted leaves. Control Unfortunately, there is no cure… Read more »

Spittlebug Identification and Control

Zoysiagrass and St. Augustine lawns are popular for good reason; they are usually full, lush and green from spring to fall.  Right now, many of these beautiful lawns are experiencing an infestation of two-lined spittlebugs (pictured above).  Last week, we had a few people call or come in and although it’s only Wednesday, we have… Read more »

What is a Vegepod?

What is a Vegepod?  It’s an award winning, easy to manage, portable contained gardening system.  And that isn’t all!  If this sounds a bit like an infomercial, it kind of is, because this really is an amazing, versatile solution to the reasons people find vegetable gardening difficult.  Keep reading! The design of Vegepods has many… Read more »

Japanese Beetle Control

  Here it is, the culprit of significant damage in Arkansas landscapes right now.  It’s a bit early in the season (June 6, 2018) to see adults; usually they emerge late June and early July.  While it’s certainly not the only pest we are hearing about this week (yes, we are talking about you, Spittlebug),… Read more »

Changing Things Up!

Good Earth

You might notice some pretty big changes on your next visit to The Good Earth; we thought you might like to know in advance where to find your favorite plants! First of all, Japanese Maples switched places with our Shade Lovin’ Shrubs.  We wanted to move all of our shrubs to one area to make… Read more »

Soil pH. Why does it matter?

Let’s just dive right in; soil pH should matter to all of us because it matters to plants.  Many plants, from trees to shrubs, from perennials to turfgrasses, have pH preferences so strong, they might as well be called requirements.  Ignoring plant needs such as soil pH could mean plant decline, all the way up… Read more »

All About Hydrangeas!

Ah, the hydrangea!  While most shade gardens can boast of at least one plant, if not more; confusion still reigns.  Questions about color, changing of bloom color, soil acidity, sun requirements and when to prune are very common and answers can be a little murky because of the sheer quantity of hydrangeas on the market… Read more »