Screening Plants for Arkansas Landscapes

Do you live on a busy street or need to build in some privacy around your home? Then you may want to consider planting a living fence, or privacy fence. The benefits of a privacy screen include blocking strong winds, limiting street noise, and defining spaces in addition to masking unsightly views. Read on for… Read more »

New Shade Perennials for 2017

Every year our perennial grower makes our plant selections based on field trials, landscaper suggestions and from trade nursery information. This is her second year at the Good Earth Garden Center and boy, did she LISTEN TO YOU! Throughout the year she took notes as to what you wanted, what we did not have and… Read more »

Landscape Lighting Tips

Keep reading for landscape lighting tips, including how it can increase your home value, add safety and more! First of all, what is quality landscape lighting and how does it differ from the solar lights at box stores? Professionally installed, low-voltage outdoor lighting is more efficient than ever before by utilizing energy efficient LED fixtures. … Read more »

Top 10 Reasons to Plant Pansies

This fall has been unseasonably warm, around 10 degrees warmer than our usual average temperatures and we are feeling it!  Despite the high temperatures, it’s November and the perfect time to plant pansies, violas and panolas.  Never planted fall color before? Here are the top 10 reasons to plant pansies this year! 1  Plant now… Read more »

Good Earth’s Hanging Gardens

Spring 2016 update:  This year, the gardens are planted with two colors from the Bandana Lantana series, the Red and Gold, both planted in the tops of the planters, and then both Rio Grande Yellow and Magenta Purslane on the sides and near the bottom of the planters, the Silver Falls Dicondra.  We will update… Read more »

How to Control Lawn Weeds

Tired of fighting weeds in your lawn?  Follow these tips to wipe out weeds!   Prevent weeds: First of all, it’s NEVER too late to prevent weeds!  Pre-emerge products are formulated to prevent weed seeds from germinating or sprout; and since weeds germinate at all different soil temperatures, applying pre-emerge is always a good idea! … Read more »

Shade Loving Perennials for Arkansas Gardens

Imagine this…resting in a garden chair, sipping on something cold, in your retreat in the shade. What could possibly be missing? Lovely shade perennials to admire, of course! There are many choices to enhance your ice tea, cold beer, or nice chilled white wine experience. The two most important aspects are: 1. naturally, a bench… Read more »