In 2010, Gregg Curtis, owner of The Good Earth had the opportunity to visit Uganda on a mission trip with his son Keaton (click here for video). In Kampala, at the Save Street Children Uganda Orphanage, Gregg met Byaruhanga Innocent, the Executive Director of the organization and a former street child himself.  SASCU is striving to educate, protect, and equip ex-street and other vulnerable children.  Uganda has a staggering number of street children as a result of internal wars, social injustices in homes, and premature parent deaths caused by HIV/AIDS.  As you can imagine, one child’s needs including education, housing, food, supplies, medical and social welfare is costly. The Good Earth’s goal is to raise funds and awareness for SASCU so that more children get the help they need.

In the summer of 2016, SASCU Staff, students and missionaries and local workers teamed up to begin developing land that was graciously given to them. They named it Providence Farm, meaning “God will provide”.  SASCU/Providence Farm’s goal towards sustainability is through the development and growth of the farm land; breeding of animals; and donations and sponsorships to provide for the on-going needs of the SASCU orphans and other vulnerable children.

Follow our ongoing journey through the video updates below.  We invite you to partner with us through prayer and support!  Visit SASCU for more information.



Summer 2018 Update

Thank you for your interest in our 2018 summer trip to Uganda and update on our continued relationship with SASCU orphanage, school and farm!  During this trip, we were able to spend time at the orphanage and school, connecting with and loving on the orphans, while playing games, singing songs, doing crafts and building relationships.  We joined SASCU staff in their weekly outreach of visiting and serving food in two slum areas, and shared the Jesus film with SASCU and their surrounding community (in their native language, Luganda).  These orphans are intelligent, joyful young people, full of hope and faith, destined to make an impact on their community.

Through generous donations, we purchased medical supplies and medicines, several mattresses, much needed cups and bowls, and farm supplies.  We took 14 trunks full of items donated by Good Earth customers and Christ Community Church.  The orphans and workers were so thrilled to be given new shoes, socks, under garments, clothes, sports balls, toys, candy, school supplies, yarn, sheets and so much more.  They loved it!

Our team spent the other half of our time at SASCU’s Providence Farm, clearing 5 acres for crops and a large goat pen, weeding and hoeing 2 acres for planting beans, putting in more poles for future irrigation, worming 93 goats, planting beans, as well as harvesting maize and sweet potatoes.  The house is now complete with solar lighting and doors on each room.  We watched as a new building was being constructed for a girls dorm.  The bore well continues to provide clear drinking water for the farm and surrounding village.

Thank you for partnering with Good Earth through your purchases, donations and prayers to help us share the love of God with orphans and vulnerable children in Uganda.  We greatly appreciate the donation of wormer from Doubletree Veterinary Clinic and irrigation supplies from Keeling Company; your donations have furthered the goal of sustainability.  We are continually humbled and blessed to be a part of this journey.




Summer 2017 Update

We’re back from Uganda and have lots to share! Our Good Earth community, including customers, friends, family, and local businesses, as well as Christ Community Church, donated items for the orphans and farm. We brought 11 trunks filled with supplies including irrigation parts donated by Keeling Company, donations of clothes, shoes, school supplies, medicine, toiletries, sports balls and supplies for projects from Good Earth. This enabled us to make great strides towards a more sustainable ministry for these vulnerable children in Uganda.

During our recent trip, we worked with SASCU to clear 10 acres for planting maize, coffee, eucalyptus, beans, and mangos, installed irrigation and solar lighting, built two new grazing pens for the goats, built new rabbit hutches, and organized boring for a new well to irrigate the farm. We feel blessed and honored for our continued relationships, and for the opportunity to love and care for these amazing children, offering them hope through Jesus Christ. For His glory and our joy. You can help! There continues to be a need for prayers, donations and sponsorships; please visit SASCU’s page for more information.



Summer 2016 Update

This video is about our recent mission trip to Uganda, specifically the SASCU school and orphanage, and the construction and development of Providence Farm. Our family went to the SASCU orphanage and school and got to spend time with the students loving on them; the students were so excited to receive all the gifts of shoes, clothes, toys, toothbrushes, books and more that had been donated by our Good Earth customers and local community. We went through the slums and heard their stories and prayed with whomever asked. Our main focus was to begin developing the 100 acres of land donated to SASCU.

We worked with the leaders of SASCU (Innocent and Gloria), many students and area Ugandans to build a huge goat shelter and pen, then went and purchased 18 goats. They are so happy in their new home. The Lord provided funds for us to have a well dug and a 4 hole bathroom. It was hard and good and we all learned a lot working as a team. Our goal is to begin helping SASCU orphanage become sustainable through animals and farming. A local farmer brought his tractor and cleared 4 acres to be cultivated for crops and gardens. We also have rabbit hutches being built to raise and sell rabbits. We feel so blessed to have served together as a family. There continues to be a need for provisions and sponsorships; please visit for more information.



Fall 2015 Update

This fall, Innocent Byaruhanga, the Executive Director of SASCU visited Arkansas and The Good Earth. Many of you met Innocent at our Pooches & Pumpkins event and some even purchased Ugandan jewelry to support the SASCU orphanage. His stay with Gregg and Julie Curtis was full of appointments with various local organizations, in the attempt to build additional partnerships to further fundraising efforts and to educate about the plight of Uganda’s street children.

The Good Earth Garden Center values their ongoing relationships with local schools, including Robinson High School, which is just down the road. Julie approached the principal, Mary Carolyn Bailey, about Innocent speaking to the students concerning the difficulties faced by the street children of Uganda. Ms. Bailey embraced the opportunity and quickly arranged for Innocent to speak to the entire student body. Gregg was also able to share how the partnership between The Good Earth and SASCU began years ago when he and his son visited on a mission trip (see video below).

We are so excited about how this one afternoon of sharing opened up new opportunities for SASCU! The enthusiasm and leadership of Ms. Bailey, and the drive of the students and families of Robinson High are making a difference. The students sold Ugandan handcrafted jewelry at lunch and participated in a drive for personal and school supplies in which they have collected over 6 large boxes. The Good Earth will be teaming up with Robinson by sponsoring the cost of shipping these much needed items to Uganda. Many students have chosen to take part in the newly established PenPal program to continue this relationship between Robinson High and the SASCU children. KARK even featured this movement and celebrated how the whole school has been called to make a difference and the impact this is having! See the KARK Community Matters segment here.

We would like to thank Ms. Bailey, the Robinson high students and families, and our Good Earth community for embracing this worthy cause. We look forward to continuing our support. It’s heartwarming to see the students and parents being Robinson Proud and community minded!

How can you get involved? The Good Earth offers a range of beautiful, handcrafted Uganda jewelry; a perfect gift for your self or loved ones. And remember, 100% of proceeds go back to SASCU! Thank you and many blessings!