Lawn Chemical Program

Our Landscape Maintenance division has been providing outstanding, customized services for over 20 years and in during this time, we have had many requests for a service that provides the chemical care without the mowing and weed-eating. We are excited to now offer a Lawn Chemical Program for those of you who would like to mow your own lawn (or have your kid do it!) but still enjoy a weed-free, lush green lawn. And no, there is nothing wrong with pushing a spreader around on the weekends…but if you can avoid it, why not? Ready for a quote? Please email to set up a consultation.

There are two service options:

4 Lawn chemical applications per year
Pre-emerge application late Winter/early Spring
Fertilizer application when grass breaks out of dormancy
Fertilizer application mid-Summer
Pre-emerge application early Winter
6 Lawn chemical applications per year (all of the above, plus the following):
Fertilizer application early Summer
Fertilizer application early Fall
Both of the above programs include the following:
We provide 2 shrub fertilizer applications per year; applications will be performed at the initial and mid-Summer lawn fertilizer applications.We will spot spraying weeds in the lawn area when we fertilize.We will check for disease and insect problems in your lawn and landscape, and inform you if we find anything.The soil pH will be tested annually and our recommendations will be provided.
Optional services provided at your request at an additional cost to contract:
We will treat lawn and landscape diseases and insects upon approval at additional cost
Lime or sulpher will be added for pH correction upon approval at additional cost.
Additional services available
(only available with Lawn Chemical Program)
If you would like to add weed control applications in landscape beds, we will spot treat weeds at additional cost to monthly contract amount. From our experience, weed control in landscape beds is not 100% and re-applications may be necessary.
This service included removing and replacing existing RPZ each year, and checking for leaks. *We cannot certify RPZ for Little Rock Water Works.
This service includes spraying 2 – 3 times per season and for special 1 time events (these sprays are not organic).
We also offer a 100% automatic mosquito misting system, which uses an organic chemical.