Mosquito Control Little Rock & Central Arkansas

Mosquito Control with Mosquito X

Enjoy Mosquito-Free Outdoor Living

There’s nothing worse than sitting outside on a beautiful Arkansas summer evening and having to constantly swat away mosquitoes. We’ve all tried mosquito control with bug sprays, citronella candles, electronic bug zappers and yard torches, but it seems like the mosquitoes come back tougher than ever.

So what’s the alternative to this pesky problem? Enjoy the outdoors again with a professionally-installed MosquitoX mosquito control misting system for your central Arkansas home. Complete the form to the right for a custom quote or call 501-868-9464 (office) or 501-716-BUGS (cell).

The MosquitoX misting system allows you to take control of your own backyard and protect your family from not only mosquitoes, but the diseases they carry like the West Nile virus and Lyme disease. The MosquitoX mosquito control system sprays an EPA-approved Pyrethrin solution at your specifications. This solution is water-based and safe to use around food and pets.

The MosquitoX mosquito control system offers two misting solutions:

  • Automatic Mosquito Misting System - Timed misting spray designed for maximum results.
  • Special Event Spray - An effective dose when you need it most.

Most home mosquito control systems can be installed in a day and results can be seen in as little as 24 hours after installation.

Don’t let mosquitoes bug you during warm weather activities – starting at $2,000.

Contact The Good Earth Garden Center (501-868-9464 or 501-716-BUGS), in Little Rock, Arkansas, today for more information about the MosquitoX mosquito control misting system.  *Seen a special offer?  Be sure and mention it in the message portion of the email form or when you call us!