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Author: Jennifer Gibson

Tips on Growing Happy Annual Herbs

Learn tips on how to grow happy annual herbs in this post, including sun requirements, culinary uses of herbs and fertilizers to use.

Do it Yourself

Benefits of Being Outdoors

  We are seeing all kinds of cute shirts about staying indoors… and they are cute for sure.  But just a little reminder, you can honor social distancing and still spend time outdoors enjoying nature, even if it’s just in your own back yard! The rain is ending soon, and when the sun comes out,… Read more »

To our Good Earth Gardeners

  We have always appreciated the beauty of working outdoors… maybe no more so than right now. We are thankful that our team and our customers have the benefit of breathing fresh air while working and shopping, that we have plenty of uncrowded space to roam, that sunshine and plants reduce stress and anxiety. Our… Read more »

Enjoy Perennial Herbs for Years

Growing tips and information on perennial herbs that can easily be growing here in central Arkansas!

All About Hellebore; the Lenten Rose

Learn all about hellebore plants in this post; from where to plant to how to plant, from the right fertilizer to all about the blooms.

Thumbnail for video of Treating with Preemerge - The Good Earth Garden Center

Treating with Preemerge

Learn how and when to treat lawn areas and landscape beds with pre emerge. Pre emerge prevents weed seeds from germinating.

Thumbnail for Winter Damage Video - The Good Earth Garden Center

Protecting Shrubs from Winter Damage

Learn why some of our landscape plants are showing winter damage, how to identify the damage, and how to address it and give plants what they need to come out of dormancy successfully.