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Landscape Design Tips for the DIY Homeowner

Looking forward to making changes to your landscape but aren’t sure how to create a plan that works?  The Good Earth has landscape design tips to get you started out right: Sun or shade… or both? Stand in your landscape areas every two hours from 8 am to 8 pm, especially during the summer. Take… Read more »

Starting a DIY landscaping project? Read this first…

Good landscapes serve several functions; increase home value, improve quality of life, improve aesthetics and improve functionality of a space. Bad landscapes, whether due to lack of proper maintenance or poor design, can do just the opposite.  Is making changing to your landscape on your spring to-do list?  Here are The Good Earth’s top tips… Read more »

Why I Love Mystic Spires Salvia

Image Source This blog post was contributed by Jen Mistretta, Good Earth’s perennial grower.  Her garden is show stopping and she is always trying new plants; plus, she is always up for sharing her tips and tricks for ultimate success!  Keep reading for all the reasons Mystic Spires makes it onto her must-have list. NOTE:… Read more »

Good Earth’s Hanging Gardens

Spring 2019 update:  This year, the gardens are planted with three different varieties of Lantana, Bandana Lemon Zest, Bandana Red, Bandana Cherry Sunrise, all planted in the tops of the planters, and then both ColorBlast Double Mandarin and Colorblast Watermelon Punch Portulaca on the sides and near the bottom of the planters, the Silver Falls… Read more »

Perennial Picks of the Week

Looking through magazines, scouting plants on Pinterest, falling in love with gardens featured online… all fun past times.  But when it comes to planting new plants, the place to go is your local garden center.  We know what does well here in our area, and trial plants we aren’t familiar with before we recommend them. … Read more »

Landscape Lighting Tips

Keep reading for landscape lighting tips, including how it can increase your home value, add safety and more. First of all, what is quality landscape lighting and how does it differ from the lights at box stores? Professionally installed, high quality, low-voltage outdoor lighting is more efficient than ever before by utilizing energy efficient LED… Read more »


Screening Plants for Arkansas Landscapes

Do you live on a busy street or need to build in some privacy around your home? Then you may want to consider planting a living fence, or privacy fence. The benefits of a privacy screen include blocking strong winds, limiting street noise, and defining spaces in addition to masking unsightly views. Read on for… Read more »