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Top 10 Tips to Tip-Top Tomatoes!

Tomatoes may seem easy to grow but they can actually be a bit of a challenge.  But these tips will help you get growing in the right direction! Try to keep the soil evenly moist, no fluctuations of soil moisture. Don’t water the leaves. Do plant in location that receives at least 6 hours of… Read more »

How to Grow Vegetables in Pots

Keep reading to learn how to grow vegetables in pots! Nothing beats the taste of homegrown produce in the summer, but many home gardeners may not have the space in the ground dedicated for a veggie patch.  Since vegetables and herbs need at minimum a half day of sun to produce the best yields, it… Read more »

Tomatoes Decoded

Tomatoes decoded; learn what the letter abbreviations after tomato names stand for (hint; it’s plant diseases) and why they matter in this blog post!

Tips on Growing Happy Annual Herbs

Learn tips on how to grow happy annual herbs in this post, including sun requirements, culinary uses of herbs and fertilizers to use.

Enjoy Perennial Herbs for Years

Growing tips and information on perennial herbs that can easily be growing here in central Arkansas!

Pansy Palooza! Pansy Recipes from The Good Earth Team!

Much like the pumpkins recipes, this is a collection of fun recipes utilizing our favorite fall/ winter annuals, the pansy.  Pansy and viola flowers are edible, both the sepals and the flower petals as well as the pistils and stamens, unlike many edible flowers, in which only the flower petals themselves are edible.  A quick… Read more »

Pumpkin Recipes

  Before you check out these recipes, we wanted to remind you about all the fall decor in our Gift Shop!  Here is a link to more info about our 5,000 square foot Gift Shop.   Besides decorating, there are many delicious pumpkin recipes out there!  Our staff made a variety of pumpkin dishes and… Read more »