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Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

  Did you know we have a 5,000 square foot Gift Shop? And really, when it comes down to it, our whole garden center is a gift shop… there is something here for everyone!   CAUS drinkware are pretty and pretty cool!  Each one is marked with a symbol of the cause it supports (pet… Read more »

Why I Love Mystic Spires Salvia

Image Source This blog post was contributed by Jen Mistretta, Good Earth’s perennial grower.  Her garden is show stopping and she is always trying new plants; plus, she is always up for sharing her tips and tricks for ultimate success!  Keep reading for all the reasons Mystic Spires makes it onto her must-have list. NOTE:… Read more »

How to Control Grubs in the Landscape

The larval stage of scarab beetles are referred to as grubs; they are normally C-shaped, and white or whitish in color with brown heads.  Turf grass roots are especially tasty to grubs, but they may also feed on landscape plant roots.  Symptoms of grub damage include yellowing or browning of grass leaves and thinning lawn… Read more »

New Perennials for 2019

Every year, our perennial grower researches new perennials to grow and chooses ones that she feels will be the most successful for Arkansas gardeners.  Introducing the new perennial picks for 2019: Dianthus ‘Georgia Peach Pie’ There is always a bunch of Dianthus in the pink and red shades, but this one is different.  The flowers… Read more »