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What is a Pollinator?

Learn more about the important role pollinators have in our ecosystem.

How to Grow Butterfly Weed

Butterfly Weed is a native plant but it can still be tricky to grow. Learn how to successfully grow these butterfly garden favorite from the experts at The Good Earth Garden Center.

Japanese Beetle Control

Learn tips on Japanese beetle control from the experts at The Good Earth Garden Center.

Spittlebug Identification and Control

Zoysiagrass and St. Augustine lawns are popular for good reason; they are usually full, lush and green from spring to fall.  Right now (June), many of these beautiful lawns are experiencing an infestation of two-lined spittlebugs (pictured above).  Last week, we had a few people call or come in and although it’s only Wednesday, we… Read more »

All About Hydrangeas!

Ah, the hydrangea!  While most shade gardens can boast of at least one plant, if not more; confusion still reigns.  Questions about color, changing of bloom color, soil acidity, sun requirements and when to prune are very common and answers can be a little murky because of the sheer quantity of hydrangeas on the market… Read more »