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New Perennial Selections for 2020

Our perennial grower, Jen Mistretta, shares details about some very exciting new perennials; available right here at Good Earth Spring of 2020!

To our Good Earth Gardeners

  We have always appreciated the beauty of working outdoors… maybe no more so than right now. We are thankful that our team and our customers have the benefit of breathing fresh air while working and shopping, that we have plenty of uncrowded space to roam, that sunshine and plants reduce stress and anxiety. Our… Read more »

Planting Simple Veggies

Planting Simple Veggies In this video, Gregg and Jeff are exploring the ins and outs of planting simple veggies. What crops are in season? Early spring crops like broccoli, cauliflower, brussel sprouts, lettuce and even mint are ready to be planted. These plants are sturdy enough that they could withstand a cold snap, if one… Read more »

All About Hellebore; the Lenten Rose

Learn all about hellebore plants in this post; from where to plant to how to plant, from the right fertilizer to all about the blooms.

Matching Donations for Save All Street Children Uganda

Good Earth Will Match Your Donation! At The Good Earth, we take our commitment to Save All Street Children Uganda (SASCU) very seriously. We want you to know how committed we are. During this time of end of year giving, we encourage you to support Save All Street Children Uganda. We are offering to match… Read more »

Potting Up Houseplants

Learn all about potting up houseplants in this post; from when to repot, why to repot, how to pot up a houseplant and different container options.

Family Fun this Fall at Good Earth!

Learn more about all the fun, fall family events scheduled at The Good Earth Garden Center in Little Rock, Arkansas!

Good Earth Great Pumpkin Challenge!

Vote for your favorite pumpkin in our Good Earth Great Pumpkin Challenge! These were all carved or decorated by local celebrities; whichever has the most votes by noon this Friday, Oct. 11th will have $1,500 donated to their charity/ non-profit of choice!