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Watering and Soil

How to Grow Happy Houseplants

Thumb through any magazine, Instagram feed or Pinterest page these days, and you will see a plethora of interesting houseplants gracing every style of decor you can imagine.  We are huge fans of this growing trend; here are a few tips to keep in mind. Choosing the right plant for you and your space: Lighting… Read more »

Houseplant Tips and Tricks

Houseplants have gotten more popular recently, which is really fun for us to see!  Here are houseplant tips and tricks from Jen M., one of our Good Earth team members.  If you visited our Hothouse over the winter and saw the HUGE Birds Nest Fern, that was one of her many indoor gardening successes.  She… Read more »

Soil pH. Why does it matter?

Let’s just dive right in; soil pH should matter to all of us because it matters to plants.  Many plants, from trees to shrubs, from perennials to turfgrasses, have pH preferences so strong, they might as well be called requirements.  Ignoring plant needs such as soil pH could mean plant decline, all the way up… Read more »


Flower Power: How to Keep Annuals Blooming All Season Long!

Does fertilizer matter?  Take a look at the image above; one was fertilized regularly with the appropriate fertilizer where as the other received no fertilizer at all.  Wow, what a difference!  The natural next question is ‘what is the appropriate fertilizer?’  With so many fertilizers out on the market, we understand the confusion.  Here is… Read more »

What is a Vegepod?

What is a Vegepod?  It’s an award winning, easy to manage, portable contained gardening system.  And that isn’t all!  If this sounds a bit like an infomercial, it kind of is, because this really is an amazing, versatile solution to the reasons people find vegetable gardening difficult.  Keep reading! The design of Vegepods has many… Read more »

Drought Resistant Plants for Arkansas

Drought Resistant Plants Is your landscape prepared for low water situations or drought conditions? Rainfall can be unpredictable in Arkansas, especially in the summer months, but proper water is critical to maintaining a beautiful lawn and landscape. Read on for tips you can take now to prepare your yard for dry weather. Strategies to reduce… Read more »

Landscape Pests June 2017

Well.  This late-Spring, early-Summer weather is as predictable as ever… which is to say, completely unpredictable!  Monsoon rains, high humidity, followed by dry periods of lower than normal temps with low humidity, we have seen a little of everything.  One thing is for sure, between the mild winter and warm, damp weather, fungal diseases and… Read more »