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Freeze Warning

The first freeze of the fall season could happen during the very early hours of Saturday morning (Nov. 10th, 2018), which is about average for our area.  What does this mean for your plants?  Keep reading!

  • Bring in houseplants and tropicals, if you plan to overwinter them.  This includes crotons you may have used in your fall decor; they will do nicely indoors in bright, indirect light.
  • Summer annuals will take this hard; expect to lose them.  We are getting our last pansy truck of the season today so while there is still time to replace them with cool season annuals; there isn’t much!  Pick yours up today… we might not have much next week.
  • Cabbage, kale, mustard, pansies, violas, panolas and other winter color will be fine, no need to do anything for them, which is the beauty of these plants.  Another beautiful thing about them; they will last until it gets hot next spring!
  • Depending on how hard the freeze is, expect some damage on mums.  If possible, bring them inside or protect with a white cloth such as a sheet or frost blanket.  Remove covering the next morning after the freeze warning has past.  If you are trying to make your mums last until Thanksgiving, you might have to take this steps a few times between now and then.  Remove damaged blooms to keep mums looking fresh.  Eventually, they will just go dormant and can either be discarded or planted as a tender perennial.
  • For blooming shrubs such as Encore azaleas and KnockOut roses, expect bloom damage.  Frost blankets will protect the blooms if you have an event coming up soon or just aren’t ready to say goodbye to the flowers.  We carry frost blankets; call us for availability.

Have questions?  Give us a call!