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Houseplant Parenting Week


Houseplant Parenting Week is officially over, but unofficially, every week is Houseplant Parenting Week!  Thanks to everyone who came to our classes, took advantage of our specials, learned through our blog posts and enjoyed the delicious crepes from The Crepe Coop this past Saturday.  Our Potting Bar is still open, the blog posts are still up, we still have lots of houseplants, and ,of course, we are still here to answer any questions you have!

What was Houseplant Parenting Week at The Good Earth?   Well, with the beginning of school fast approaching, there are door rooms and classrooms to decorate!  Not to mention that we think every office space (or really any indoor space actually) can benefit from some living greenery.  And there is the fact that houseplants are increasingly popular, and there are so many more now to choose from.  Last but not least, we love houseplants and are pretty sure everyone would, if they knew how easy they can be to grow.

For all of the above reasons (and because it just sounded fun!), we decided that holding some helpful classes for new or aspiring houseplant parents was in order. We hereby proclaim August 5-10th, 2019 as Houseplant Parenting Week at The Good Earth! So, here are the details:

Potting Bar

Houseplant Parenting Week kicked off on Monday, August 5th at noon with the opening of our Potting Bar!  We have wanted to provide a place for people to pot up plants for a long time, we just hadn’t focused on making it happen.  We focused and it’s here!  Our Potting Bar provides a space for you to plant up your pots; with a nominal fee for soil, and free toppings such as pea gravel and river rock.  Other special toppings such as moss and specialty stones are also available for purchase.  BYOC (bring your own container) or choose from one of ours, pick out a plant and get to planting!  Complete details, along with planting tips, located at the bar and we have them listed here as well!

Blog Posts

We rolled out new houseplant related blog post each day, Monday through Friday.

Monday-  Handy Watering Tools for Houseplants

Tuesday- Feeding Your Houseplants

Wednesday- Growing Tropical Ferns

Thursday- Potting Up Houseplants

Friday- Philodendron Fun


We had four houseplant related classes on Friday and Saturday; hope you were able to make one of them!  If not, watch our Events page for new classes, coming soon.


Food Truck

The Crepe Coop was here on Saturday; and as usual, the food was amazing.


Yes, we have tons of houseplants.  If you come here primarily in the spring or fall and haven’t made it past all the flowers to the Hothouse, you may not be aware of just how many houseplants we carry.  Both our Gift Shop and our Hothouse are restocked regularly with houseplants!