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Cody planned all our flowers and designed the layout and Greg supervised. They finished in a timely manner and it was below the estimate! Our yards are so beautiful, people in the neighborhood drive by to see it. Thank you for making our own piece of heaven.

Ms K Tackett

Good Earth provided a complete and detailed estimate after walking the project area and talking through my goals and expectations. The work crew was professional and worked hard to complete the project as expected within the timeframe discussed. The project was completed under budget and met all of my expectations. Once the work crew completed their work, they cleaned up throughly and left no trace. Following the project, Good Earth sent a nice thank you with an assortment of small gifts. The level of follow-up was unexpected.


Good Earth testimonial

Let me start by saying we highly recommend Good Earth Landscaping services! We selected them to completely re-landscape our backyard.

We had removed 8 large Cypress trees and 2 large Maple trees that had covered our yard with extensive root systems. We developed a plan with suggested trees/shrubs/plants and submitted it for their review. Their design architect, Chad Oppenhuizen, met with us on site where we adjusted and finalized the plan. Chad worked up an estimate which we accepted. Work was scheduled for late spring.

A three man team, supervised by Greg, and led by team leader Jose, worked tirelessly and meticulously to implement the plan. Major efforts included:
* Removing extensive root systems
* Preparing planting beds with super soil
* Installing all plant material according to plan
* Installing stone borders between plants and grass areas
* Modifying existing sprinkler lines/heads
* Depositing new subsoil and laying Zoysia sod
* Adjusting sprinklers to assure plant/lawn coverage
* Installing approximately 50’ of French drain to address some water pooling at the lowest point in our backyard

Chad and Greg were very involved throughout the project. Jose and his two team members were outstanding workers dedicated to completing all aspects of the project in a professional manner. Good Earth provided excellent consultation, installation, and support throughout the project! We are now the proud owners of a magnificent back yard and look forward to watching it blossom over time.

Keith and Vicki Stone

Our experience with Cody Culpepper and The Good Earth Landscaping crew was excellent. They responded to us quickly. Cody worked with us on our plan so that we would stay within our budget. Good Earth executed the work ahead of schedule. Cody was always quick to respond to us and answer all of our questions.

John Connell

We had a wonderful experience working with Good Earth on our front garden bed. We live on a steep slope and we would lose dirt and mulch during each rain, causing our plants wither and eventually die. We wanted someone to build up the front bed and plant plants that were low maintenance, but also provide greenery and seasonal interest. Cody listened intently and came up with a great plan for the stone surround (matched our home perfectly!), and a nice array of plants for a beautiful landscape. The crew was friendly and efficient, completing the work very rapidly. We now have a gorgeous front flower bed blooming with color and it has really added some nice curb appeal to our home. Thanks, Good Earth!

Deb S

I had a wonderful experience with Chad and Good Earth! My front beds had not been updated in 17 years, since my home was built. Chad is very knowledgeable and designed a new layout and plan for the front beds. The new layout updates the look of my home. The plants are much better suited to the house and are such a great upgrade from the ‘builders grade’ installation. The staff at Good Earth are professional and easy to work with. I highly recommend their service.

My wife and I purchased a new home approx 4yrs ago in the Chenal area. We were very pleased with the home itself and the large corner lot, but our property was sloped and we noticed early on that we received a lot of water whenever it rained. When a downpour came, a rush of water would flow across our driveway in front, and the same would happen in the backyard. I would quite frequently have to wait 4-7 days to mow the yard due to the very wet soil. Additionally, we loved the multi-level flower beds in front, but we hated the choice of plants and shrubs installed. At the 3yr mark we called Good Earth and were connected with Chad Oppenhuizen. Chad came and did a very thorough s job inspecting the slope in the backyard as well as in front next to the driveway. To address the large amount of water, the plan included having a concrete curb installed to divert the uphill water into the backyard. For the backyard, the plan was to build a large creek bed that would span the length of the backyard and down to the street. He then studied the amount of sun that would hit any plants in the flower bed that would be created around the creek bed, and he did the same for the flower beds in front. This was a very large project that I assumed would take weeks, but it took less than two. Chad, David the foreman, and his crew did a VERY thorough job during each stage. While cutting out the sod in back, they noticed that some additional water was draining into the back that they could not see before the grass was removed, so they made a quick adjustment to the creek bed and added an extra channel that would drain into the main creek bed in the original design. Chad also chose some amazing looking shrubs, trees, and perennials that exceeded our expectations. My wife and I only told Chad we wanted a Redbud and Cherry trees to create some privacy in back, and we let Chad use his imagination and experience to do the rest. Not only did the project exceed expectations, but the final total for the project was ONLY $300 more than the original estimate. And this was due to some bad sprinkler motors that needed to be replaced plus the small addition to the creek.
My wife and I can tell you that if you have a landscaping project for your home, DO NOT BOTHER CALLING ANYONE THAN GOOD EARTH! Their reputation is well-deserved, and they guarantee their work. I don’t know of any other landscaping company that will return more than once after the job is complete just to check all the plants and make sure that each one is doing well. If something should happen over the next year, they will replace it. My wife and I urge you to give the people of Good Earth a call. We knew they carried the largest variety of plants, trees, and shrubs in Little Rock, but they keep their word and their work is unmatched. When it comes to design creativity, drainage, choosing the right plants, and creating added beauty to your property, make one phone call and one phone call only. CALL GOOD EARTH!
To Chad, David, and the incredible crew, my wife and I can’t thank you enough, and you have earned our business for life!

Michael N

What a great experience! Everyone that worked on my project was professional and my project turned out perfectly. We love our bubbling boulder. We are now the envy of the neighborhood.


I can’t describe how impressed I am with the design and installation team at Good Earth! They took a steep and bare mountainside with a house stuck on it and turned it into an oasis. They used boulders, bushes, flowers and trees to accent the best features of the house and create a natural landscape that looks as though it had been there all along. The talented team was not only professional but friendly. We could trust them around our children and pets. They went above and beyond throughout the process and the outcome was extraordinary. Good Earth transformed our property into a work of art and we couldn’t be more pleased. Thank you all!

Mike Cavallo

My existing landscape was a challenge: rocky, uneven, sloping, shaded. The transformation with planned terracing, plant varieties and suitability for the terrain was amazing. I love everything about the new look, my friends are envious and I thank Zak for his creativity and perseverance in creating an awesome landscape.


The Good Earth is staffed with some very good people! The home we purchased in Little Rock had very bland landscaping coupled with poor drainage that desperately needed to be addressed. Sam and Zak spent a considerable amount of time on the property to observe water flow during rainstorms to get an idea of where the problems were and how best to address the issue. They developed a plan for redirecting water, to present a welcoming approach to the front door and create an overall “WOW” appeal from the street! We have been delighted in their professionalism, creativity and attention to detail that has made our home the showplace of the neighborhood.

Lindy and Jan Bollen

This is at least the second time I had GoodEarth work and rework my front beds. Each time I was very pleased with the results. The designs met my desire, were unique, and grew into maturity well. The crew was professional and efficient.

Barbara Williams

I have worked with Good Earth on a number of commercial landscaping projects over the years and have nothing but good things to say about their work. Good Earth has always produced a quality landscape project, on time, within budget, and provided excellent customer service during and after the projects are complete. I would definitely recommend Good Earth to anyone looking for a quality landscape contractor.

Excellent service! They had a quick and complete response to my request. They treated my job like it was important to them, even though it wasn’t large. Worked within my budget, good communication throughout, and the job was started and completed way ahead of schedule. Friendly, professional, efficient. Definitely would call on The Good Earth again!

I am very pleased with the work Good Earth did for my husband and me, We needed to simplify our yard to make it easier to take of, but still wanted it to be attractive and inviting. Sam Fisher listened very carefully to our wants and needs and worked with us to come up with a plan that met our requirements exactly. This was a small project for Good Earth, but Sam and the foreman, Wayne, treated it if it were the most important one they had. Their crew worked tirelessly and everything was done perfectly. We couldn’t be happier

Rita Perkins

I have worked as a contractor on several large projects with Good Earth as well as on my own home. The team at Good Earth is easy to work with from sprinkler systems to landscaping and lawn maintenance. I highly recommend Good Earth for all aspects of landscaping.

Jason Westerberg

I have worked with Good Earth for over 14 years. Their staff is knowledgeable, friendly and professional. Consistently their work has met my expectations. They use the best quality materials and highly trained workers. In my opinion Good Earth has the best team in Little Rock.

Bill Beringer

After moving in to a new home which badly needed landscaping, we connected with the The Good Earth. The landscape architect, Chad, met with us at our home in order to plan gardens (front and back yards) that would best fit our yard and be what we wanted. Chad was able to make suggestions of plants that would do well in our environment and sent us a plan he had drawn up. Once the work began, Chad was at our home for quite awhile to help ensure things went as planned. The workers at our home couldn’t have been more polite. We were also provided with care instructions for the various plants. We are very pleased with how the gardens look and have received many compliments from neighbors!

Gary & Gretchen Malkowsky

I have been doing business with Good Earth for over 20 years and have certainly enjoyed working with them whether it’s getting flowers and landscaping at my house or on some of our commercial real estate shopping center or offices about the Little Rock area. They have always been very friendly and accommodating to me and our family for the needs we may have. Not only have they served our needs well but they have also supplied us with top notch service and at a fair price. I would certainly recommend them to anyone that is looking for landscape services in central Arkansas.

John Rees

The Good Earth team arrived as scheduled fully equipped to complete the work. They were at work several hours and left with the site clean and looking MUCH better!

What a difference! Our house now finally feels like home. Neighbors we have never met before now stop to tell us how much better our home looks after our landscape work by Good Earth. Came in within budget despite us making some last minute tweaks. Much thanks to Chad and the Good Earth team for their transformative work!

David Black

Dear friends,

The “goodie” box was a real surprise and my immediate thought was ONLY The Good Earth! It is incredible to think of the scope of your business and the detail you devote to exceptional customer service! You all truly exceed expectations in everything that you do and it’s a great privilege to have the opportunity to do business with each of you. Bill’s efforts on our backyard lighting project, and Zak and his men’s work on our side yard transformation were both amazing experiences yielding top notch results. Thank you to each one for your efforts, commitment and patience! You have definitely created a special oasis for us! Also, thank you for being my “Good Earth Family”!

Many, many thanks,

Kathy Thomas

I particularly valued the collaborative partnership in the design and implementation of my landscaping project. Also I appreciated the professionalism of all involved. Very positive experience.

Anna Williams

Zak and his crew have done amazing work. After giving him an idea of what we wanted, we left it up to him to develop the best way to meet our objectives. To say he “exceeded our expectations” is an understatement. We could not be happier with the quality/beauty of work and the vision he displayed in considering not just the initial “Pow!” factor, but how we would live on the property in the long term. We highly recommend Zak and The Good Earth and crew.

We needed landscaping at our new house in west Little Rock. We contacted Good Earth and met with Chad and Sam. They listened to what we wanted and gave valuable suggestions to improve the aesthetics of our yard. The construction crew supervised by Greg were great and did an outstanding job. We have received a ton of compliments about our new landscaping. We would highly recommend.

Marc and Mary

We had an unusual need and was hoping for an attractive fix; i.e., something functional and an unique look. We were very pleased to work with Chad as he quickly understood the situation and was agreeable to brainstorm/discuss potential options. We were given an accurate estimate of the cost. The wait time until the project could be started was reasonable. The landscape team worked diligently to prepare the spot and get the stones laid perfectly. They cleaned up the area everyday before leaving. The end result was just what we needed and enhanced the existing patio. We had a few minor requests to improve the landscape in another area and Chad’s suggestions were just what were needed. We are glad we used Good Earth’s landscape service!

I had a difficult steep sloping back yard to tackle when building our new home. We wanted a low maintenance meandering path with shrubs that could grow naturally and give color at different times. Zak and his team took my vision and made it a beautiful reality, however, much more beautiful than I had imagined. From the rocks and boulders placed in the yard that look like they have been there forever to the large stone steps that make a path, to the placement of shrubs it is perfect! They listened to your ideas well, they thought through every challenge from water drainage to ease of walking the path, to having color throughout the year, and they excelled in all areas. I couldn’t be more pleased and would highly recommend Zak and his team. Oh, the front yard looks great too!

L Bunch

We were extremely pleased with the landscaping recently completed at our home by Good Earth Landscaping. Chad and his team did an excellent job of creating and completing a plan that fit our needs and budget. We have had a drainage issue for years and they went above and beyond to create a beautiful landscape that also controls the flow of water. Chad’s selection and variety of trees and shrubs will add to the value of our home for years to come. We would highly recommend their services!

Paul & Ginger Fleming

We first contacted Good Earth to do our general weekly yard work because of their excellent reputation. When we decided to transform our backyard, we contacted Good Earth and were fortunate to work with Chad Oppenhuizen. After viewing our yard, he referred us to an excellent gentleman to correct our water issues with a French drain. Next, we had Chad create a professional landscape plan for our yard and he caught our vision and after only a couple of revisions, we were ready to begin. We must say that Chad and the team of expert and efficient workers were outstanding. Stone work on the beds and the stone walks, prep for planting and planting itself was very professional. There was excellent communication all around. If we wanted changes, they were made, no fuss. We replaced a patio and the stone men who did the work were excellent as well. It was the best renovation experience we have had in 48 years of marriage and 13 homes. Our thanks to Chad, the Guys, and Good Earth.

Joe and Sylvia

Professional, timely, thoughtful and beautiful is how I would best describe our experience. Absolutely thrilled and excited to work with them again on my next project.


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