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Arkansas Gardening Calendar


  • Prune forsythia, azaleas and other spring blooming plants when they finish blooming.
  • Break those overwintered plants out of the house! Anytime after the middle of the month should be fine, but watch out for a late freeze.  Tropicals will grow best this season with a good pruning, repotting and regular fertilizer.
  • The soil temperature is warm enough now; plant those summer bulbs!
  • There is still time to plant warm season vegetables like tomatoes and all kinds of herbs.
  • Apply fertilizer to your landscape beds, such as Ferti-Lome Start-N-Grow.
  • Fertilize azaleas monthly until the end of August.
  • Check your landscape for fire-ants and treat if necessary.
  • Be on the lookout for insects such as lacebugs on azaleas, and bagworms on junipers and arborvitaeas and treat to avoid severe plant damage.
  • As crapemyrtles start leafing out, apply Systemic Insect Control soil drench to protect against and treat for Crapemyrtle Bark Scale.