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What is a Vegepod?

What is a Vegepod?  It’s an award winning, easy to manage, portable contained gardening system.  And that isn’t all!  If this sounds a bit like an infomercial, it kind of is, because this really is an amazing, versatile solution to the reasons people find vegetable gardening difficult.  Keep reading!

The design of Vegepods has many additional benefits such as it requires less soil, extends the growing season and accelerates plant growth.  You can imagine how handy the self water technology could be, allowing plant to last weeks without water by utilizing wicking technology, plus it has a mister system built into the cover.  Add a timer and this Vegepod is really the answer to one of the most serious roadblock to veggie growing success, watering!

The cover also protects your crops from pests, which reduces the need for pesticides.  The cover also helps manage temperatures by allowing air and water to penetrate.

See why they make a perfect gift?  Vegepods start at $159.99 each plus an optional stand.